Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy EASTER---Giveaway!!!

Wow, it's been a while. I have new tags to show you.... I've been busy with the family. We are taking my son to Disneyland on Easter Sunday. YAY!
We reached our 500 sales mark (in 2 short months). Geez! When I started the shop, I seriously told hubs, if I sell $20 worth...I'm good. hahah Silly me.
I received an email about my tags today. HUGE, BIG, I'm talking exciting news is coming your way. I sometimes can't believe that these tags are being used by other scrappers and are actually being bought. I promise, you will be the first to know the big news. ;)
Oh, I noticed my sweet friend Silje rocked some pages with some of the tags I sent her. ;) She totally rocked them, I knew she would! Love her & her cool hair. :)
Hope you guys have an awesome Easter...I have someone taking care of the shop while I'm away on vacay...mmmmhmm 5 days @ Disneyland. We will see if I can last through the madness that is the "happiest place on earth".
Oh, leave me a comment with any traditions you have during this fine holiday. ;) I would love to hear what you guys are up to. When I get back I'll draw a name and giveaway 2 sets of tags. :)

P.S. If you've used our tags before, please join our flickr for a chance to win a set of tags (monthly) from the shop. To give everyone a fair chance, I will draw a name the last day of March. Well, this contest exclude my bff...heheh cause she gets free tags. :)

I leave you with some layouts....On the first one I used the doodle tag and my sweet bff's tag (she sews tags) & the second layout has a couple of the busy boy tags.


Nat said...

I love those tags!
Easter Traditions - well of course dying eggs. And then on monday then there are many hard boiled eggs left we make something that is called "Green Sauce (grĂ¼ne sauce) in Germany. It is sourcream with lot and lots of fresh herbs (that is where the green comes from), mustard and the hard boiled eggs. You eat it with new patotoes.
Another Easter Tradition is hiding eggs - but I guess that is not too inventive- LOL. Happy Easter to you

Scrapping4fun said...

Easter Traditions - here in the UK most of us have Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday and then we give Chocolate Eggs on Easter Sunday.

Great tags by the way.

angel said...

cool tags!! wow!
easter traditions? not many actually. We all like to have a big breakfast together with boiled eggs, ofcourse colored, raisinbread, orange juice, maybe some bacon, coffee and croissants.

M.Y. Creative Rose Garden said...

Love the tags.

One year I wanted to take an Easter egg hunt picture of my son but he was getting too old for Easter egg hunts so I bought a package of plastic eggs & put quarters in each & hid them around our garden - Then I made him go find the eggs & I took pictures.
Now every year he wants me to do the eggs cause he wants the MONEY... Hey, it makes him happy so why not......


Sarah Doyle said...

Hey there! Feel like I found ya before you were famous as I was one of your first customers:)
Love it all.. so exciting how well you are doing!
One of my fav traditions with my boys is how they find there baskets. In the morning all that is out is an egg for each of them. Inside the egg is a clue.. such as Jackson, I the your cereal. Ate a quick bowl. Then he runs to look in the pantry, where he finds egg number two that may say.. now I had to try your guitar hero. I rocked the 80's! And so on. There are usually five to seven eggs around our home. Taking them running up and down and getting them more excited. They love it. I love making fun clues too and save them in an accordian envelope book for our easter memories with a pic. Way fun! Have a great trip. Then come make some awesome vaca tags for us:) ~Sarah {scrapmom}

Bekka said...

Great tags! Hmmm...I feel like hubby and I haven't started any Easter traditions yet. We attend church. This year, we want to go to the sunrise service at our church park. We do have a couple of decorations, though -- cute little bunnies made from wooden eggs. Rest assured, though, when we have kids, I'm gonna be into the Easter basket, egg hunt stuff! :D

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

You guys are awesome...I love all these traditions. I totally want to start new ones...but with the wedding today (my brother) and D-land tomorrow..looks like I have none this year :)

keep the post coming....

Anna M-W said...

Hey baby! I hope you guys are having fun at Disneylad.

We will be going to brunch, drinking, going to NCAA Men's Round Tourney games, and drinking some more.

Love you...happy Easter!

michelle raMirez said...

can I just say how happy I am that you found my blog and left a sweet note, because now I found you and your AMAZING tags~~
Congrats on selling loads and I can only imagine your great news.
Have a great time at Disney for 5 days.

Kerttu said...

wow, how many cool tags you have for sale. I just found your site today, and i'm totally in love with those tags already. I have made my mind that i need atleast some of them from your etsy shop, lol!
Well we don't have many easter traditions in our family. We paint some eggs(no easter without painted eggs), my daughter gets a big easter egg which is filled with A LOT of sweets(probrably the best part of her easter, lol) and then we take a drive to the mountines with snowmobile, sit in the sun on reindeer skin, we grill some food, drink hot cocoa etc, like most of the norwegian families:)

Hope you had a nice easter!

Lisa said...

wow everyones traditions are so cool! all we portugee's do is eat :P

hurry back from disneyland so we can go the crop and you can scrap the pics!

(oh yes, do not enter me for the drawing. haha love ya bff!)

Purple Treasures said...

Love the new tags!

Nicole said...

oh my goodness, your tags are so stinkin' cute!
as far as easter traditions go, my family doesn't really have many. there's church, coloring eggs, and an easter egg hunt. we like to make our egg hunts challenging so the older kids have to really "hunt" to find them.
we've slowly moved away from the chocolate bunny in the easter basket tradition. the poor things usually end up in the freezer only to be melted down when my mom or i have random cooking inspiration. ha!