Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm back...

5 days @ the happiest place on earth was so much fun...geez! The crowds weren't too bad, traffic was but the boy LOVED everything about D-land so it was all worth it. I have over 500 pics to edit...ugh...I can see many mini albums coming from all those pics. :)

I will choose a winner for March's gallery tonight.

The winner for the comments and traditions is #10 That is "Kerttu"
send me your address and the 2 sets of your choice. I will send them out ASAP. Thanks!
Thanks for sharing your traditions everyone!! I loved hearing about them. :) That was fun.

1 comment:

Anna M-W said...

Damn...once again, I didn't win.

Next year you are taking the family to the real Disney, right? The one in O-town!