Thursday, May 22, 2008



Stopping in to fill you in. The website is coming along, it's looking AWESOME. I knew it would. Hubs is pure genius! :) He has a splash page and all...
We haven't decided when to have it up and running "FULLY". In fact we haven't decided a lot of things....haha! We know we are adding cool stuff to it...maybe a forum...hmmmm? That would be cool huh? Digi stuff?? That also would be cool....BUT......

I am a little nutso. ;)

I decide I need to get my credential. See, I have a B.A in Psychology, an M.A in Counseling Psychology and would like to go back to work next year--some time....unless I get preggo. Which *crossing fingers* I don't. :D I just now, adjusted to the boy ;) heheh Love him, but he is a hand full! heheh. Two kids would kill me. haha!

Anyhoo, I decided in order to work for the district as a School Counselor, I need a PPS credential....well, I didn't decide, the district did! Yup, so I signed up for school....and guess what?!! I can start as early as June. YUP, JUNE! eeekkk that is awesome news. The sooner I am done the faster I can make some $$. If you're a SAHM you feel me.... ;) The store brings in fun money...but a job, well, my district pays REALLY well....lets just say, it would be a dream job! So, wish me luck! I've had a nice 8 month break. :)

I'll be back with my pics of the mini's not as lame as I thought it would look. ha!


Calicandice said...

Okay, I am all in-the-know now regarding your site. I am eagerly awaiting its grand opening. Perhaps I'll be your first customer when it's all up and running! Keep up the awesme work! You are a gem!

danilouwho said...

Cannot wait to see the website!
And no worries, I'm a little nutso too :P.
That's so awesome about school, go for it girl!

Anna M-W said...

Congrats on the new job and website. Can't wait to get updates on both!

Have a great weekend my friend. I miss you and love you!

Amanda Ann said...

This is totally adorable!!! Now I wanna do one about my little girl!