Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just thought I would show some pics of the tags that went up this week. I am IN. LOve. with the alphabet set. I have a million little things running in my head for, you can put little pics, or words, drawings/doodles, or a mini album..... Oh...a mini album for the hubs!!! eeekk yes, that's it!!
I am the queen of mini albums! No, really I am. I am currently working on one. I will post it soon, unless I think it's totally lame...then, I won't. hahah! So yeah, Thanks guys for all the emails and comments on the new store. AND dude, who knew the words Shabby Chic was a trademark?? adventure calls for a new name...maybe, who knows? I just might add an "a" at the end of chic and viola---instantly it's chica!! hahah cause I am ONE. Cool. Chica!! Whatever it takes! Works for me. ;) I'm totally looking forward to new adventures. hahah Oh, are the pics: Geez, I can talk! Oh, and I made this layout a couple of weeks ago...just thought I would boy was being shy. ;) I love this color combo.... ~peace!


danilouwho said...

LOVE those new letter tags!! they're just so perfect!

Julie said...

Love the white space! I wish I could do this. I start w/an idea then poof! It's off to a new direction. Liking the letter tags a BUNCH!!