Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Inspo

It is so HOT in the valley right now. This is "take 2 showers" kinda weather. We had a kid party to attend out in the sun. UGH! Crazy Cali weather....May and it's 101 degrees?? Blah! Unbelievable!!

Enough whining...hehe ;) So, just thought I would share what Michelle Clement created with our tags this month. You might have checked it out on NSD..maybe not... This girl seriously has the BEST graphic designer skills. Right next to the hubs...hehe I love looking at other designer's work. I have been to graphic designer galleries and receive all the cool designer magazines monthly thanks to the hubs. They are SUPER inspirational! ;) I am so impressed with Michelle. Seriously, go check her out. Thanks Michelle for your awesome work!!

Tags she used from the shop: Squirrel, Journaling blocks.

1 comment:

Charin said...

Michelle's SOOOO good! :) I love her style. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, made me smile :)
Those tags in the post below this one are adorable, especially those rainbows :)