Sunday, May 4, 2008


How was everyones weekend? We had an awesome weekend here! Cali weather is nice right now. Can't wait for 108 degrees!! *insert sarcasm* Blah!
We went to the zoo today, loads of fun! I watched a movie on Friday night. hehe I went and saw Made of Honor. Haha that movie is too cute, bribe the significant others to take you. I'm not a McDreamy kinda girl...but something about that Patrick Dempsey in this movie...hmmm... Okay, so, where was I?
Ah, yes the NSD
Please email me with your address. I will get these out this week. :) Thanks so much for playing! I think I give out more tags than I sell hahah! :) I kid!
Oh, and the gallery winner for April is:

Amanda ...this LO is just adorable! Congrats girl! Send me your address...Oh, and pick 2 tags from the shop!

****International ladies...your ISD (international scrapbooking day) STARTS NOW!!! hehe post a comment, tell me what scrapbooking does for you.

I'll tell you helps me with the every day stress. When I was in grad school I used procrastinate all the time! ugh! I had tons of papers and speeches due but some how was scrapbooking every other night. haha. In fact, when I did my internship at a nearby mental hospital, I required an artistic outlet for all my patients. ART works wonders. I love it!!

Okay, enough rambling! Need to go pump some pump iron, I really mean eat a snack. haha I kid!

Happy week everyone!!!


Nicole said...

aw, i love the layout!

one of my roommates did a short "vacation" at a behavioral unit recently, and she loved the artistic opportunities they offered her. it wasn't much but it definitely helped her deal with what she was going through

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

hehe nicole...that is so true. It helps ut a bit. It certainly helps me with my carazy thoughts haha.

Cass said...

We are heading into winter over here in Australia (although it is never snow-cold, just need a heater and a jumper type weather around here).

Ummm... scrapbooking keeps me sane. Although I am interested in having the memories recorded, some days it is all about the therapy of cut, stick, journal, call it done. :)

Jenna said...

yay! thank you! i'm jumping up and down!
my email is

thanks again!


monica said...

hey... scrapbooking for me... I can preserve my memories in the artistic way.. especially with the scrapbooking supplies that are available... I can do whatever I want... no right or wrong... sky is the limit.

monica said...

oops sorry forgot to add: I am from Indonesia

stephanie said...

and its raining in england!! scrapbooking gives me a chance to do something with my day that is just for me. no responsibilities.

tessa said...

scrapbooking to me means time to relax and to keep our memories alive!

Cristina&David said...
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Cristina&David said...

Hey !!! What scrapbooking does for me ? So much...
1. it keeps me so calm, when i'm concentrated on it, it's a real pleasure !
2. it's the exact opposite & at the same time complementary for my daily life, as it's daily scientific, art is a joy at night ! This makes me so complete !'s a way to remember, to cherish life & little moments, to share emotions (more easely than with words, sometimes...)
4. it keeps me being creative, still...
what could i say more... It's a good excuse in the ton of photos that I take... ;) LOL !!!

Happy ISD from France y'all ! ;)

Amanda Ann said...

Oh wow!! Thanks! (ya, like WAAAAAY late! I'm a dope)