Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grand Opening!!

Hello sweet friends!!
Our grand opening is finally HERE!!! Hubs designed the entire website by himself...he makes me proud. :)

We have had such a busy month with 2 graduations, a camping trip and birthday parties...and it's only the 8th of June! heheh

In efforts to spend less time online and more time with my family. I decided an online store would suit my personal needs better. So we have launched a new store. Please bookmark us! I am so excited about the change!!! ;)
Same GREAT products just a different website. I'm hoping it continues it's success away from etsy. :)

With the new store comes new changes, we are offering flat rate shipping to every customer. We have had so many request from we decided to go for it. (USA is $3.95 and International is $5.50).
We also have a coupon for the month of June! Just use the code to pocket the savings! Have a great week!! We will be back with new designs at the end of the week!



Amanda Ann said...

TOTALLY AWESOME!! Congrats on the new store! Your hubby did amazing on the website!!

Anna M-W said...

Yay! CoNgRaTs!

I will be doing some shopping later!

elizabeth said...

big congrats!!!

everything looks amazing and i will def. be back :)

Anna M-W said...

Hey babe! I just placed an order!

Yay! I wrote you a note on the order, but i don't know if you are going to get it!

Congrats on the shop!


Love you!

deb said...

Love your stuff!! Thanks for hearting me on Etsy. :)

deb said...

LOVE your site too!

Fulvia said...

I just want to say hello

♥♥♥ jEn ♥♥♥ said...

how exciting for ya'll!! congrats on the store doing sooo well.

and YAY...a coupon!! i'll have to order a bunch for me & my sissy. =)