Sunday, June 29, 2008

So Random....

Hello, Wow!! Two post in one weekend? :)
I made a mini book a while back, & thought it would be a great challenge! You can see closer images here.
Let me explain this picture...Albert stuck his tongue through a newspaper, and scared the crud out of me while I was typing away at the computer. I can laugh about it now! ;)
Okay, so the challenge is to make a mini, or a layout about your randoms. We often forget to leave behind our "story", the simple things...such as these. I made this album for Ethan, so he could know a little more about his crazy mama. :)~ You know??

Anyway, I would love to see what you come up with! So play along!! Send me your projects via email, & I will post my favorite LO/mini next Saturday. In honor of my baby turning 3 today, the winner can choose 3 sets of tags from the store. :)

Thanks everyone! Have a good week!!


Anna M-W said...

Another scary picture! That tongue thing would have scared me too!

My favorite page is the clear page where you journal about meeting Albert.

I love the whole mini. You need to submit it for publication.

Love you!

stephanie said...

i tried to email you a LO but it bounced back. ive put it on my blog today if you fancied a peek

Fulvia said...

wondrful minialbum!!!!!!

Rachel said...

I love all the orange in this mini. Its so well-designed, too.I hope you guys are making it through the summer. I heard its been REALLy hot.