Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mid-week inspo ;)

I've had a fabulous week here in smog city. hahah ;) I live in central Cali and well, the air is BAD. lol I took advantage of the decent weather today and took the boy to the zoo. We have an annual pass and it's nice to let him explore. He loves animals. Too bad his mama is deathly allergic to EVERYTHING. Thank you makers of Benadryl ;)
Moving on...heheh Yesterday, I had a fantastic day!! I met the lovely-crazy-cool and oh so pretty Mara-May She is seriously adorable and VERY modest. Girl...shut-it! She has no clue just how popular she is ;) hahah. She also made me a scrap kit and it rocked! So, yeah...can you believe this girl lives 55 minutes away from me. :)~ Hugs!

So...The other dayI was up blog hunting...and I noticed Donna Downey has lost a crud load of weight-check it out! Geez! Holy cheesecake batman!! She looks sooo good!
So, yeah, moving on...I mentioned I was working on a weight loss mini. and unlike Donna...I'm NOT brave enough for a full body shot. *so ashamed*. I've only lost 15 pounds so, I think I'll wait it out. ;)
The last page is for my goal weight photo! Coming soon ;)
I used new tags that I personally made for myself and all the paper is from the stack that Rachel left me before she moved. Thanks girl!! I'm putting it to some good use! I believe most of these papers are Scenic Route, some Hambly oh, and Love Elsie too. I love this color combo. and once again I used Wordle. :)




danilouwho said...

hey, 15 pounds is a big deal! congrats!!
Love the mini, great idea!

Lisa said...

how cool is that wordle thing! i've seen it before, but never would i have thought to print it out! duh! you rock my world lova!

Anna M-W said...

Isn't Wordle the biz-omb?

I am trying to catch up on my blog reading!

You go girl - I need to lose like 100 pounds!

Miss you!

Fulvia said...

very cute album and great idea!!!

krista said...

love love love this journal! awesome layouts!!!
krista {}