Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick post....

Just a quick little post to say hello. I have a million chores today....
Just finished cleaning toilets *yuck* On to the boy's room.... in a few. Oy! He has toys EVERYWHERE!
Totally my fault, cause I keep buying them. :)~

Off to the bay area this weekend spending time without my little one. :) It's a much needed break. A well deserved break I might add!

I have a simple *very structured* layout to share. It seems as though I can't create a grungy layout when it come to Disneyland pictures. I have tried! haha. They all come out looking well, like this: Very structured. :) I think so at least....oh, and of course...I used a tag from here.

Hope you guys have a fun filled weekend! What are your plans for this weekend? I'd love to hear them!


Tessa Tegendraads said...

Beautiful layout, really amazing, you made some gorgeous thing! I'll be back soon.

Bye Tessa

Fulvia said...

very beautiful lo!!! i love the stars