Sunday, August 17, 2008

Creating Keepsakes + Shabby Chic Crafts = LOVE!

Yup, it's true. Back in February I was asked to be featured here (September '08):Be still my heart!

Our entire know the entire 2 employees (hubby and I) were so excited. heheh. It was so hard to keep this secret. I wanted to tell the world. heheh Well, I am BEYOND excited to say the least! I mean, seriously!? AND the shop is ON FIRE!!! Thank you!!!

Oh, it gets better....

Do you see my to my store!? Yup, I am so happy. The designers rocked our tags! Thanks so much CK!

Hubby and I had just started the shop and 3 weeks later we get an email asking to be published!?? *pinch me* That my friends, is truly a blessing!

Thanks for sharing in my happiness! :)


Lisa said...

heee i'm so happy for you! it IS an honor!! and i'm sure it's more than i can say for your haters! have THEY been published? boo-yah! lol! love you bff! you rock. obvously the world knows it too :))

ps- "you're a celeb!!!"

Amanda Ann said...

When I was looking at my issue this weekend I got so excited!! Pink Paislee and Shabby Chic Crafts together?? 2 of my favorite things!!! I have to show my hubbby I was so excited. LOL

Marie said...


Bekka said...

Wow! Congrats on this -- great news!!!

Lily said...

aww congrats! I stumbled across your blog fram Crazy anna's. Glad I did