Friday, August 1, 2008

Farmers markets and give-aways!!

We are heading out to the Farmer's Market in a bit. I am in love with blueberries at the moment. MY GOODNESS! lol
I also came on here to post a quick give-away! :)

I haven't done that in, well, FOREVER!!

The winner will receive 7 sets of tags. YUP. I am super busy with orders at the moment. It should die down though. I feel so darn blessed. I know I say this a lot. BUT WOW! To all the new kit companies and customers that have flooded our store in the last 2 weeks. THANK YOU!!!

So, I would love to do a give-away of the new tags. haha the ones I haven't posted. Yes, those! I will post them tonight! I just don't have pictures yet (and I personally hate the sneak peeks) :)~ So, I will just wait till tonight. I know...slacker/tease!! I promise it will be good. Maybe I shouldn't promise haha!

Just leave a comment. Tell me a random fact about you or ask me any question you like. (Yes, that should be fun!!) Please ask away. I will answer. *Anna or BFF keep it PG hahah! :)

I will draw a name next weekend.

These are the lovelies that are included in the give-away. (We have spots, hand-drawn numbers, hounds tooth/artisan, frames, fruits, rainbow circles in 3 sizes, and doodled cards).
They will be up in the store some time next week. Keep the eyes peeled :)

Have an awesome weekend everyone!! We are hanging out with some good friends in my hometown this weekend. :)
Also, keep the awesome questions coming...they ARE so GOOD!!! You all had me thinking about my dreams, goals....


3 things I'm most proud of :

  1. My education-Still undecided about getting my PHD...but I'm proud of my M.A.
  2. My family-I think I'm a pretty good Mommy. I take pride in that!
  3. This business- I think it has done VERY well. ;)


Alecia said...

What FUN stuff, I'm LOVING your products!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies!!

Random question... If you had 24 hours to do anything in the world you wanted to do ALONE... what would it be?

I know, random, hehe!!

Juli said...

YEAH!! I love your cute tags. Let's see... name three things on your I'M SO PROUD OF ME list! Brag on yourself! :)

danilouwho said...

Ok - What is your absolute total least favorite food?? Like what can't you stand at all?

hehe, I know, so random!

Cass said...

Yay! New stuff! Can't wait to see it. :)

My question is where do you get your inspiration from?

polinka said...


so, what's your biggest dream?

have a nice week-end ;)

Kate said...

Ooo I am drooling over the new tags!!

My question to you:
#1 favorite comfort food...ever :)

Marie said...

oh i love your stuff :)

what is your favorite tag? or is that like asking who your favorite child is? ;)

Beth Perry said...

The new stuff looks awesome!

I am glad the biz is going great!

What is your fave band or song?

Hope you had a great weekend!

Lisa said...

so since i dont get tags from my bff anymore, can i enter the givaway? hahahaha

ummmmmm here's a question:
what is your favorite new thing to make for dinner on the abs diet?

love youuuuuuuuuu and the new tags. and i better get some soon biznatch! :D

Belinda Venables said...

Thankyou so much for visiting my blog...:D

I love your tags - very creative!

Mmmm...a question...

Who is your favourite scrapbooker?
(I hope no-one else has asked that

Angie said...

Ohh this is tricky ..
Im proud of my kids ...they are the best ever !!
Im loving working as a art teacher at school
My husband is such a supportive friend ..and i couldnt live with out him ...sooo PROUD..>>
Okay im stopping now !! Mushy mushy

Angie said...

Question >>
Do u do this for a living or do u work else where and what ???

Is that a big question or what ??hehe

HoweverAlthough said...

hmmm...random fact re me? I am scared of birds.
those are some cute tags! And I woudl think they were cute even if they had birds on them. I promise.

krista said...

just found your blog! your etsy shop is amazing! thanks!!

kateisner said...

Love the new tags, too cool!! Random fact about me: I put Parmesan Cheese and tabasco on almost everything I eat.


Dani said...

Wow, how cute are these new tags!!!
I've loved your tags since I saw them for the first time, 3 or 4 weeks ago!!! Of course, I bought some f them and I'm anxious to get them.