Saturday, August 9, 2008

Questions answered

If you had 24 hours to do anything in the world you wanted to do ALONE... what would it be? Relax on an island to read a ton of books. Not for too long though. I’d seriously miss my family after 24 hours. :)

What is your absolute total least favorite food?? Like what can't you stand at all?
Tomatoes hands down. Yuck!

Where do you get your inspiration from? We subscribe to tons of magazines. Print & How are awesome for the inspo juices! I also love looking at websites such as pottery barn…just look at these colors and patterns: This is my future office! ;)

So, what's your biggest dream? Earning a Ph.D in clinical Psychology. I’d also like to have a private practice by the bay somewhere. :)

#1 favorite comfort food...ever :) Pistachio ICE CREAM. YUM!!!

What is your favorite tag? or is that like asking who your favorite child is? ;) Hahah. Well, I think right now it’s still the colorful woodgrain but the rainbow sherbet comes in close second!

What is your fave band or song? OH, wow, this one is tough! Haha I love all kinds of music…I’ll listen to almost anything from Spanish to country to rap. Hmmm? My absolute favorite would be At Last by Etta James. It was my (first dance) wedding song heheh ;) & I love, love, love....Remember When by Alan Jackson. Oh, I am such a sap for romantic music. ;)

What is your favorite new thing to make for dinner on the abs diet? Hmmm I love making a chicken, cheese, broccoli & brown rice casserole. It's so good.

Who is your favourite scrapbooker?
Oh…dang. Another awesome question!
Well, I have so many but my favorite 3:

Jennifer Pebbles

Mellette Berezoski

Janine Langer

Do u do this for a living or do u work else where and what ??? I’m a full time stay at home mom. I stumbled upon this business by accident. I was in love with owl paper back in January and so I asked the hubby if he could make me some matching journaling cards. Then my BFF ordered me to sell them on etsy. :D So, the store was created. I honestly thought I would make one sale. The hubby continued to make designs. I would throw ideas at him and he would create stuff in a matter of minutes!
He first started designing as a freelance illustrator which that explains all the cutesy animals and people. He can whip out vector art in a flash. He went to school for graphic design/website designing and all sorts of other stuff that I have no clue about hahah!

*** The winner is****

Marie. Please email me your address. I'll get these out ASAP!



Anna M-W said...

There is some HTML lurking on the blog.

That chair in that office is the BOMB! must give me the recipie for that casserole...yummy!

Beth Perry said...

Yeah, I would like the recipe too. I love all those ingredients!

And it looks like you are typing in code! lol

Have a great weekend!