Sunday, September 28, 2008

Christmas Journaling Tags are coming to town!!

You better watch out
You better not cry

Better not pout
I'm telling you why.....
Christmas journaling tags are coming to town!!
lol...yup, a total dork. That's me!
I made this adorable Christmas paper banner:
All paper from Making Memories Falala collection.
Please look at the sewing involved!! lol (click on pic) OMG! Me+sewing = happiness! lol
So, I used some new Christmas double scalloped tags...hahha you really can't see them, but I know they are there! I also made paper pinwheels. Um, yeah, that took some time! I hand cut my letters too...because well, I'm exacto knife queen! ;)

I'm in love with this banner. It's hanging in my living room right NOW. Oh, my. We have made 5 new Christmas sets...all awesome! ;) They will be up Wednesday! Please come on over to check them out!

The banner says it all J-O-Y! That's how I feel about our business right now! Could not have any more joy than now. Well, maybe a tad more.... ;)

*A quick Thanks* We have been kept so busy...I have totally made this my job! haha Totally loving it though! Thanks to all our wonderful customers and those who have kept us month to month as their journaling tag providers....THANK you!!! :) We appreciate you so much!


sandra said...

am i a tard because i totally read the post like the song? Christmas journaling tags are coming to town!!
my brother looked at me really weird haha

those pinwheels are supah :)
can u show me how to be good with an xacto like you? i suck at it like crazy

Lisa said...

no i can't. i have to "work" till 3 on saturday and we are going to the fair after i'm off....and my fam is all gonna be here for my birthday so i doubt i'll make it on sunday. um and why did they change the crop date? ugh! i can't make that either!

are you going to the fair with them?

Anna M-W said...

You need to send that to Making Memories!