Monday, September 15, 2008

Quick update

Wow, haven't been on here since the 7th. So sorry about that! We have SO many big orders lined up. It's simply fabulous! I've met so many store owners from all over he world (via email of course). It's been great. Our LSS decided to carry our products as well! So excited!! In fact, we have more wonderful big news heading our way...of course we can't share just yet. ;)

What else is new....

A couple of weeks ago Albert and I went on a concert/fair date. We dropped off the boy with my in-laws and we headed to a small fair in town. I wanted to see Lifehouse. was pretty awesome.

The pictures aren't the greatest but they will have to do.

We have been house hunting for the past month and figure we can be in a nice home in January. YAY!! We definitely want an older home...not too old, but in this school district. It will also have an extra room for my crafts. Looking forward to a scrap studio. So, we are looking and hopefully we will be in one next year. :)

We have had so many family's pretty awesome that we have such big families, keeps us busy. My father's 65th birthday was great. He has finally retired. The poor man has been working his entire life. Such a hard working man. It makes me so happy that he can finally take it easy. He is loving it too!

It's official! I'm going back to school in December. It's a 10 month program for my credential. :) Should fly by! I hope. It's 2 days out of the week and at night. My first class is online. Works perfect with our schedule. This sets me up for a nice paid career, when I'm ready to go back. haha! :)

Well, I think I have said enough. ;) I will try to post often. I am working on a new mini album. It involves sewing! YAY me!! I'm slowly getting the hang of my new *collecting dust* sewing machine.

Have an awesome week!

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Alecia said...

Such fun concert pics and congrats on your good news!!!