Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Decor & Hiatus

My sweetness Mara-May emailed me a picture of this awesomeness!! She used a tag from this set. I think it's gorgeous!! It's so shabby!! Thanks girlie!

Hiatus: I'd like you all to know that we will be taking a little break. You can still order all our lovelies, we might take a bit longer to mail them out though. ;) We are spending some much needed family time. ;) We will be back full swing in a bit!
Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks!!



*side note* Sister Mague---I know you read my please email me using the email to the left. Your old email is not working for me. :)


Alecia said...

What a FUN project!!!

Hope you enjoy your family time!!

Lisa said...

well you could totally do it yourself now!

when am i supposed to give it to you anyway?? you're always too busy to hang out with lil ol me!

are you gonna be with pfot this sunday at the fair?

Anna M-W said...

Love love love the new profile pic.

Take all the time you need...I have! :)

Miss you!

François said...

C'est vraiment très joli!!!!