Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's a gloomy rainy Halloween here. :( I'm not a fan of rain. It makes me less active. haha. I just want to curl up with a nice book and a warm cup of tea.
We hope to take Ethan out to do some trick-or treating around the neighborhood tonight. We will see. Ethan refuses to wear his costume. This year, we allowed him to choose a costume. He choose:
Clifford the big red dog. So cute! It was delivered 2 weeks ago, and each day I try to convince him that the costume is so "cool" he is not buying it! See, he is trying to take it off in the picture! Haha

Last year he was a pirate and such a good sport to boot. He allowed me to paint a mustache. haha This year....NOPE. We might be skipping out on trick-or-treating.

We have done so many cool things this month. We went to a new pumpkin patch this year, it has a steam train at the ranch. Ethan was in heaven. We participated in Zoo Boo. That was fun too. We've been on hay rides, corn mazes, tractors, carved pumpkins & attended Halloween parties. It's been such a fun and busy month! We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow. I was counting the birthdays in our family and realized we DO have a party every month! Our only month off is May, and even then, our family always does some gathering for Mother's Day. haha. There is no rest from the parties around here! ;) Such party animals. Can't wait for a calm peaceful November!

Hope you have a wonderful & safe Halloween!




jerseytjej said...

I always forgot to tell you, that it was Sassy Sasha that referred me to your store! I love to use journaling cards and dimensional embellishments so I was immediately drawn to your things...I am hoping that flower I spotted is part of your new things :)? Gina

Beth Perry said...

I love, love, love your Halloween tags! I just got done using the curly q one that you have on your card (which is fab by the way).
Here is how I used it (if you get bored, you can check it out. lol)

THanks for so much inspiration!