Monday, October 20, 2008

Scrapbooking embellishments love....

I love embellishments. There is no doubt about it! I was browsing through etsy and I found these adorable embellishes:
They are from a sweet little shop named Nelo Paperie. AND just look at my package:

It was so beautifully packaged!!! Anyway, that's my etsy love for today. ;) Go check out her shop. She ships really FAST. I can't wait to use those orange and green ones!!! eeekkk!

Have a great week!




Lisa said...

those are cute! i can totally make those...i think...oh no, i better not try. i dont need another thing lol

Lisa said...

so i think miss rachel is too big-time to acknowledge my comments anymore. it's pretty sad. she's full on ignoring me :(

Lisa said...

yeah, could be it. and i can totally understand if she is...but she's never ever responded to my comments. just kinda frustrating. oh well!

dude i busted out those pages and turned them in on friday hahaha! i only like one of them. i'm SO uninspired in the scrapping department. sad!