Monday, November 24, 2008

Tiny Update

How is it almost December??? It seems like Fall just approached us last week....ugh!

(Last week at the park).

We are still busy around here. I think we have had one slow week all year long. So awesome. It's almost time for a family vacation. ;) Albert has 2 weeks off at the end of the year. Sah-weet! We are taking Ethan to Southern Cali in early January...hope to see the mouse again. ;)

Weeks later, I am heading to LA with my girl Mara-May & BFF. I'm planning on a weekend of fun!

Are you ready for Valentine's? Our Valentine tags are ready...heehe we had those done 2 months ago. We will reveal our new tags sometime next month, check the newsletter. I was just waiting for the okay to "reveal" them. ;) It's been given! I will explain more of that later. We are currently working on something fun! Well, I think so at least.... We have had such wonderful blessings this year...seriously! Lately, it seems like companies contact us from all over the world about our tags! We are beyond humbled. Who knew?

Anyone else going shopping on Friday? I plan on doing some CRAZY shopping on black Friday. We have huge families on both sides and lots of kids. We are only buying kid gifts this year. Oh wait, and we drew names on my side. Cause 5 siblings plus 7 kids and 4 spouses....that would leave me broke. :) haha! We have a house to buy next year, we can't get crazy here. ;) Speaking of, it's closer than it seems. I will keep you posted.
I'm pretty sure we will be done with all the shopping on black Friday. Yes, I am one of those people....yup, the kind that make you sick cause everything is all wrapped up nice and neat. It sits under the tree for 3 whole weeks waiting for Christmas eve. haha. Yah, those kind... ;)

I can't wait to start that December Daily. Weeee! These numbers have sold like crazy!! Who knew? In fact, Albert thought they would never sell. HA on him. They are on fire! I'm trying to think of all the awesome stuff I will add to my album. :D I'm making a Christmas CD for my Christmas cards. I only make about 20 cards. Yes, I'm lazy and time is precious! I'm not sure if I'll make cards this year...we took family pictures earlier this month and well, that would be the easy way out...just send picture cards. :) We will see...

Okay, I think I said a tiny update? What happened here? I can ramble. Sorry.
I'll be back with some scrappy inspo.
xoxo, Veronica


Lisa said...

you better send me a card this year! i have NO pictures of the 3 of you. so you should definitely do photo cards! simple!

can't wait to see the valentines tags!! and i REAAALLLLLY can't wait for LA!!!

omg and i have to tell you! i have a pending custom order for EIGHT totes!! they are going to be brides maid gifts!!! isn't that so cool?! too bad the stupid custom stamp i ordered with my shop name on it isn't done yet...that store is slow's irritating. i want to start stamping my shop name into my stuff, but no it's taking forever!!

anyhoo, have a fabulous thanksgiving!!!

Alecia said...

So excited about seeing the new goodies!! :D Hope you and yours have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Amber said...

What park is that? I can't tell. In Clovis or Fresno? Just wondering... Can't wait to see the new stuff.

Lydia said...

O'My! I have to say, that the first photo is SPECTACULAR! Love the colors in the photo!

*nichole* said...

girl-you are fabulous!
yeyyy for a vaca coming up & i LOVE your etsy schtuff-I really need to get over there & purchase some! :)
thanks for the great ideas you left on my blog! i can't wait to try the trail mix!