Sunday, December 14, 2008


Nothing beats seeing your products in a magazine, in fact I squealed like a school girl the first time we were featured in CK. I squealed a little more when they asked me to submit a project for November's issue. And I just about lost it when I saw our products in this month's issue, on MY layout! :)

*huge smile* Take a look:

Yup, our baby at the farmer's market and our second baby (Shabby Chic Crafts) in a magazine!! Strawberry Tag from the Fruit Stand set. Awesome, just awesome!

Thank you, thank you, for all the emails and comments regarding our Fresno Bee feature. My friends and family could not believe our "luck". For such a tiny company, it's unbelievable just how quickly we have grown in popularity. I still wonder if I was suppose to start scrapbooking before I started college. haha! This business is a long stretch from Psychology egh? ;)

One of the questions the editor asked me over the phone was how long I plan on doing this for? *long pause* "Til God says, game over." :) Albert and I believe this is all him. With all our being. We believe we are powerless in a situation such as this one, just like all others. :D Just go with the flow....I say.

The wonderful people at the Bee have decided to go "bigger". According to today's email, we are having a bigger spot in the paper. I was originally going to be a part of a creative spaces section. I have no clue what's in store now....the face-to-face interview is on Thurs. eeek!! Lets just hope I'm having a good hair day. ;)




Beth Perry said...

Girl, that is soooo great!!
(btw, what did you end up doing with your crafty space?)
Your farmer's market layout looks stunning! That is sooo cool!

Mike and Brianna said...

Congrats! Love that page!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, that is SO cool! I was JUST sitting here flipping through that issue, and I HAD to find it. Of course it was only two pages away.

Second, we went to the Farmers Market in downtown Clovis every Friday too! And that is my uncle's Kettle Korn booth!! Small world, huh? And Saylor loved to get out on the dance floor too. Too funny.

Third, I am so excited about your article. Let me know when it's supposed to run. We don't get The Bee, but my parents do or I will look online.

Congrats again!!

Amber said...

Okay, I was kind of mistaken. Geez. My uncle's booth is the bright yellow one that's always there. He does do Kettle Korn {and it's seriously the best}, but they never do it at Farmer's Market. Only corn dogs, hot dogs, fries, etc. But if you go to Walmart in Clovis, that's them and you can get Kettle Korn there. Go try it some day, it's the best!! And tell them you're my friend. :)

Courtney - Web Writing said...

Soooo exciting! As you know, I am so thrilled for you guys and your great success. It just goes to show that when you do what you get rewards for it!

Lydia said...

CONGRATS! Fabulous lo!

Lisa said...

you guys are amazing. what an awesome team! and yes, it's in god's hands, but it's also the mans talent and your creative vision thats kept it going!

you should post pics of your space! would it be weird if i just so happened to show up on tuesday...? lol you didn't tell me any of this on the phone!!

Lisa said...

ps- i just saw your feature and giveaway over at

how fun!

Sharmaine said...

OK so you know I am proud of you but now this is too much I think my little heart is going to burst!
Yay you guys YAY!!!!

sandra said...

that is so awesome!
im excited for you too

oh and bigger is always better...the section in the paper i mean ...right? hahaha ;)