Saturday, December 6, 2008

Giveaway time!!!

Okay, so It's been a while. Yes, I know, I know, I'm a slacker. If I told you I've been would just roll your eyes at me. haha

So, instead I'll say: Christmas time consumes my ever loving mind! hahah

Our week:
We have taken professional pictures.
We have made family art time our "new" tradition.
We baked a low fat apple crisp pie. It made the house smell delish!
We hosted play group.
We (I) went to wed night crop.
We brought our Christmas decoration bins in from the garage (yet to buy the tree).
We (I) started my December daily journal.
We are finished shopping! I should say, I'm finished. haha Albert....get to it!
We received a special call from our local paper (The Fresno Bee).

Which reminds me, I haven't shared the story....

So on Wednesday, someone calls the house, I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. Ethan loves to answer the phone and being the biggest dork, I let him. He was running with the phone and accidentally hung up. I checked the caller ID and figured someone was trying to sell us the paper. The phone rang again a few minutes later...This time, I missed the call. Grrr! I listened to the message and called the woman back.
We got to chatting and turns out.... she saw our products in our LSS and would LOVE to feature us in the paper. AHHHHH! How cool is that? Seriously!? She said our story was awesome and that I could potentially inspire several women in the valley. She mentioned that she would promote our website and take some pictures of my crafty space.
They are coming next week to interview and take pictures of my crafty space.
*mouth drops open* is where you come in.... :D

I need your help. I have until Wed. Please email me or leave me a comment with any tips, pictures, blog links, idea books, websites, flickr images ANYTHING that will help me spiff up my crafty space. Truth be told (I warned her) my space is totally BLAH! I'm a tad bit embarrassed. Okay, a LOT. haha
My office "corner" has my degrees above the computer...see? BORING!! My crafty space hahah a bigger joke- a calendar and Ethan's hand prints. See!? I think this totally begs, cries and pleas for an intervention. I need quick, cheap ideas. heheh Please help this gal out!

I will draw a name and send a Christmas mini album with some Christmas journaling tags included. :)

Okay, enough said. I hope you have a great week and find it in your heart to help me. I will be back Wed!! Oh, and for all those lurkers leave me some ideas. No time to be shy!! Thanks so much!!



Amber said...

Hey Veronica, that's so cool!! I'll be checking it out next week. Well, I have some pictures of my office/guest room up on Flickr. You can check them out.

Hope that helps!! It was actually really easy. They're pretty decent bookshelves, not really expensive. I just painted them black. Spray painted the frame of my bulletin board black, the print is wrapping paper. Cute containers, you're all set!

Bekka said...

Congrats on the feature!

I don't have too many great ideas for this, but I saw some neat, inexpensive ideas for storage in the new Scrapbooks, Etc.

The Giveaway Diva said...

i think it would be awesome if you had an insparation board!! you get a push pin board, cover it with pretty fabric and get tacks and glue buttons on the tacks and find pretty pictures in magazines of whaever catches your eye or pcitures of your family

s zuklich said...

shelves... i would plaster every available wall with shelves if i could. i just had my husband cut some wood, not even paint them (i like the rustic look of the wood), and put them up on the wall. they are thin shelves, that aren't very far apart and i use them for stamps, paint, etc. i'll try and put some photos up on flickr later...

latisha said...

i wish i could help, but right now my craft space looks like a tornado went through. i mostly use lined baskets for storage. i always love looking at other people's inspiration boards. here is a flickr group w/lots of great inspiration boards...

Cass said...

I find that if you put everything in boxes/containers of some sort and then put a label on it, it all looks organised. I've used all types of containers, even my Tupperware!

Kelly Ann said...

I am a huge fan of storage containers/boxes and shelevs! To have everything neat and in it's place is great, but do you really want to sit and look at boxes all day long? Blah! It gets old. If you have shelving already, you could add curtins to cover them up and color up the room. Target has some nice lookings ones that arn't all that much.

Also, what about framing some of your work? If your space is someplace that you may invite others into, nothing says 'I'm good at what I do' better than huge examples of your work.

You could do a large calander using your date tags. Or print a large family portrait and then use tags that you have created to make a bordered outline around it.

If you didn't want to go large, you could do a display section with cards, books, tags and such. Displaying your own work will show anyone that sees it your talent, and I would hope that it would make you happy to look at too. =)

Good luck and congrats!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Congrats on your upcoming article! That's fantastic! Here's a link to a website I visit often. They have lots of different cute ideas for decorating and organizing your craft space!

good luck!

Amber said...

I love that idea of using your products in your decorating. I think you should totally do that.

Can't wait to see what you've done.

Carrie & Bailey Jai said...

Congrats! I found a really cool web site that had some awesome ideas for dressing up your walls! Here is the link : )