Monday, December 15, 2008

My Creative Corner

Haha! My space is a joke, but my lovely friend (Beth) has requested a show and tell. :)
Okay, just keep in mind that my space is a "corner" & my motto is: if you don't use it... you lose it! So, my space looks sad compared to the women that have an entire room! Geez!
Anyway, here is my sad little corner:

Sorry about the bad's been raining and ugly around here. No sun for days. :( Also, I will be adding 12X12 layouts next to the white shelves. It's a work in progress. Oh, and the plastic bins will be outta here soon. We plan on hitting an IKEA soon. Not soon enough for the interview, but it's cool. :D


Amber said...

Awesome! Is that were you do all of your business? Doesn't seem big enough! Can't wait to see it after the trip to Ikea too! Love that place. Don't you wish there was one closer to us?? :)

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

No, we work from our computer in another corner! ha!

Tiff said...

Your space is so orgainzed and neat. Mine has cheerious stuck to the seat and a tower made from thread on my desk. LOL

Would you help a family very dear to my heart make Christmas Memorable? It only takes a stamp!

sandra said...

i likes i likes Ü
the wall decal is awesome

IKEA is.your.friend.

have fun on thursday!
youll rawwwk fer sher