Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank you!

Such awesome ideas. With the help from you guys and those on SIStv, I was able to spiff my corner. I also found some cool pics on Flickr. Well, my space is clean and organized at the very least. ;) I don't think the newspaper will care much about my corner anyway, it's my gorgeous tags! heheh I kid. Oh boy, the spray paint got to me. haha!
The winner is:
Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...
Congrats on your upcoming article! That's fantastic! Here's a link to a website I visit often. They have lots of different cute ideas for decorating and organizing your craft space! luck!

Please send me your address and I will send out your package. If you need ideas, just check out that blog Michelle recommended! Awesome!




Beth Perry said...

hahah you so crack me up!! I am very new to that may be one reason.
And you need to pour yourself a glass of wine (for the blah feeling) :P
Also, on my twitter portion of my only shows my updates and not you guys...the peeps I follow. Any suggestions?
Hope you get to feeling better!

Sasha said...

LOL .. I cannot wait to see the article ... Congrats girl