Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Valentine Journaling Tags + E-Tags!

We are excited to bring so many new tags this month! We have 10 new tags , 2 of which are printables!! As I stated in a post back in October these tags have been in our computer, waiting to be released. We were not sure if we could share them before January. We have 7 new Valentine sets (paper). We also have last year's Valentine Tags in our shop. We did come up with new designs, we are not trying to pass our old designs as new ones. ;) Just thought I would let you know that the old ones can still be purchased.
One of my favorites this year, are these Love Trees:
I have a new found obsession with trees. Which explains all the tree tags. :D
I also love these new Valentine icons for 2009: I would also like to share that yours truly drew these new love birds:
Our newspaper article is set for mid January. We made sure to mention all our new ideas, as stated back in August. The interview was easy going and I was a lot calmer than my hair. HAHA! It was a frizzy mess, but hey, no one cares about that right!? HA! We talked about everything, from how our shop started to where we see ourselves in the future. Can't wait to see the whole story on paper.
Albert has been trying to convince me to convert our shop into a digi shop, he had started a new shop here. I just can't leave the paper products just yet. This would make it easier on all of us & it would cut our time drastically. So, I compromised and allowed him to add a new section to our store. They will be called "E-tags". We have a few launching this month! This includes Valentine Cards perfect for your child's school parties! Print as many as you need and cut away! Viola! (These cards fit perfect in a 4 bar envelope). Each month we will add new printables along with our regular "snail mail tags". Be on the look out for those!
One last thing! I would like to share my new blog: Crafty E. It's perfect for stay at home moms that need some fresh ideas for toddler crafts/activities. Many of these crafts come straight from experience and some from searching other blogs. If you are interested please follow us or add us to your reader.
Hope you have a SAFE and Happy new year! May God bring you a brighter better new year!


latisha said...

the love trees are so great! i am going to need some of those!!

i got the baby shower stuff in the mail. they are perfect! thanks so much!

Beth Perry said...

I just got your newsletter! The new tags are killer! So pretty!


Mike and Brianna said...

So cute!!!

Lisa said...

love the new tags!! and ethans blog is fun, i totally subscribed! dude, it's been sooooo long since i've seen you! i dont know if i can wait another week! lol

um and i need to come over soon so we can chose the hotel....i want to sit down and show you how far away all the options are and all that. maybe next wednesday before the crop???

Beth Perry said...

Do you mean the pics of my scrap stuff that scrolls sideways in a little box? If so, go to my blog and click on the words "make your own". It is free and easy to do.

If you are talking about something else, let me know the header and I will try to help. I am SO not technologically advanced!! haha

I would like to make my blog more custom (like you have done to yours), but don't know how.



Beth Perry said...

ahahahah!! OMG!! I just laughed out loud on that one!! hahahha


shesascrapfreak said...

I love your new Vintage Valentine tags. I ordered two sets!! :)

Lisa said...

bwahahahah i'm so evil. all i can do is laugh. karma is a bitttccchhhhhh. and maybe a lawyer should be let loose in this situation? hahahaha i'm going to hell

Mara-May* said...

Look at you!!! Oh my gosh!!! They are so cute!!! How freaking!

Tiff said...

You are so talented! I love them all!!! Happy New Year!!!!

Mahlin said...

oo so much great stuff.. So so so cute!

Alecia said...


Bona said...

Hello! Thank you for following my blog. I love your tags. Super adorable. Especially love the birds.