Thursday, January 15, 2009


How do I allow a whole week to fly by without checking this blog? So much for not stressing. I think I definitely need to do without the goals for 2009. So far I'm stressed, I've neglected the blog, and used our tags but can't show them because they will be published. Ugh. Hey, why am I complaining? *shrugs shoulders* It's in my nature, that's why.
I know I say this A LOT but, we have so much going on all at once. Seems like our wonderful friends at Creating Keepsakes tend to keep us very busy. :D (Vintage Valentine Tags) As seen in CK magazine!Every time we are published (Feb 2009 issue pg 64), we get a crazy amount of orders for months! That's what's keeping me away from the blog at the moment plus CHA is next Sun! *deep breath*
I feel some anxiety creeping up. ;) I better wrap this post up and get back to work before my hair falls out.
Speaking of anyone going? If you read this blog and are going shoot me an email. I would love to meet you, and put a face to the name. I'm meeting a couple of lovely wholesale customers from Sweden. SO EXCITED!
Oh, and one more thing, if you could use some toddler craft ideas. Come join the fun!
<-------------------------------------Our new blinky for Crafty-E. Please help spread the word!!! I seriosuly would love making more mama friends!


Beth Perry said...

Girl, that is awesome!! You are funny about complaining!! You are getting so famous! I am so happy for you! I wish I was going to CHA.
And I love, love the vintage Valentine tags! I need to get some asap! :P (how about having a give away since I am soooo broke. hehehe)
Happy FRiday!

Lisa said...

wooooohooooo i can't wait for CHA!!! me and bff roadtrippin down south awwww yeahhhhh

random moments said...

Love those Valentines!

Amber said...

That is so exciting! I keep trying to get through my Creating Keepsakes Feb magazine, but so far I've made it to 6, maybe. It takes me forever, there's SOOO much fun stuff to look at!

I need a totally rockin home business like you've got. Like seriously.

Corinna said...

I saw you in my CK! And I'm in there too on page 91 (story). I would love to meet you guys at CHA but I'm not going. However, a project that I made will be on display there in the "indie art" section or whatever they're calling it. Look for the pink bra made from Prima flowers.