Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm back!

I totally didn't mean to take such a long break away from blogging. :) I don't have any crafts to show. Just a quick post!
Ethan and I watched the Amgen Tour of California today.
Let me just say, that these athletes inspire in so many ways. Such dedicated athletes! I was hoping to take a peak at Lance Armstrong. He's in that picture somewhere! ;) We waited an hour in downtown Clovis. We didn't mind, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we could not miss. Ethan was ecstatic to say the least. He feeds off of emotions, and the crowd was filled with excitement!
An hour later, the cyclist came flying by. Stage 4 of the race, a crazy 115 miles from Merced into Clovis. Geez! Imagine that? Their sculpted bodies flew past us at 45-50 mph. Goodness!! The chills I felt just watching them was overwhelming, the pride in all us Clovis residents was quite the honor. A few quick seconds and they were gone.
I myself could not believe just how awesome each cyclist is. Thanks Amgen for that awesome experience!!

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