Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine Goodie Pouch

Whew! Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails. I am all better and back to crafting. :) I made these cute Valentine pouches:I think these goodies are perfect for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, or if you get brave you can make these for your kid's classmates. I made these with my mommy group in mind. I used the candy I had in my pantry, for this picture only. I'll be using plain M&M's instead!
I found these on one of my favorite blogs. She makes everything look so simple. I love that about her style!
I changed her measurements up a bit to fit my clear bags. I cut a thick piece of card stock into 3" X 10" strip.
Fold in 3 sections-once in half (5") at (1") for the top flap and another at 6.25"
Cynthia used a square punch and I thought a scalloped punch would add a cute touch. If you have a heart punch...that might work best! Change it up all you want!
I think this is where I made a mistake...haha I was too generous with the candy! If you put enough to fill, but NOT stuff it like it's a life time supply...well, then, that should be fine.
I then decorated the outside with ribbon, paper hearts, and a scalloped border. I also used a tiny tag from here. If you plan on making tons and need the small tags only, shoot me an email to work something out.
I also made these little goodie bags a while back but forgot to post pictures. Our Valentine tags work great on tins or bags! *wink* I will post a winner for the calendar tags tomorrow. You still have time to enter. I have a photo banner I am diligently working on at the moment. I think you will love this idea or so I hope!




Beth Perry said...

Those are sooo cute!! I gotta go check and make sure I signed up for the calender tags. I want to make something sooo cute with them! :D

Lisa said...

mahhhhvelous dahhhling!

glad you're feeling better! i twittered you check that thing anymore? lol

Angela W said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! The tags are very cute! I could really use those!

Angie said...

So cute! I'll have to make some :)

Amber said...

So cute! Glad you're feeling better!

Zarah said...

Super duper CUTE!!

Ps. Thanks sooo much for the mail I received yesterday. Can't wait to play with my new calendars! :D

Beth Perry said...

OMG!! I love you!!! hahaha you freaking make me laugh! I love your effin cussin ways!! hahaha

Ok, so like I REALLY want to hang out with you and Lisa sometime, but you live in Cali..right? That sucks!! Please, please tell me when you get ANYWHERE NEAR St. Louis!!! And someday, one day..I am going to venture out west. :P
Alright, I gotta go find your email addy. You rock, so does your schtuff. And I love you a TOTALLY HOMOSEXUAL WAY!!

Thanks for making my day, girl!

Beth Perry said...

OH! And I TOTALLY caught that Seinfeld reference! Oh yeah baby! lol

Beth Perry said...

Ok, I swear this is the last commment...on this post!! Quote friends, eh? I MIMIC friends. Watch this link below:

So, I go to "mimic" this part to my friend in her office. I am outside and walking up to her window to do the "shark attack". (she doesn't see me yet)
As I walk up (fast, may I add) to the window, I trip and my face hits the glass. She looks up, hearing the thump, and all she sees is the side of my face plastered to her window. She starts roaring in laughter and never gets to see my famous "shark attack"!


Cynthia B. said...

I saw that on rnjetta's blog too! She and I share the same name, but I'm not nearly as crafty as she is. Cute bags you made! (And you get extra points for stuffing the first one FULL w/ candy. ;) )

Katie said...

Love these and totally want to make them, so fun!