Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Week- Green Cards

I made 2 quick & easy cards. I never have time to make fancy elaborate cards. I wish I did. Usually, I scramble to make one right before a birthday party. lol So they are always very easy & plain. The first card I made is in shades of green the other is "green" because I used recycled kraft paper. Each took me less than 5 minutes. See? Talk about quick and easy cards.
I used some tags that you are going to LOVE me for. *wink* No really!? If you are a card maker, then check these out. I made, circle tags for Every Holiday. I also added a thank you, congrats, welcome baby & happy birthday tag to the set. Mhhhmmm. 15 tags for $2.50 That my friends is awesome! Sure that sounds like a shameless plug, but I sincerely think this is exciting. ;) They are printable of course! You can find them here. Print them on any kind of paper and use a circle or scalloped punch.
Speaking of Blueberry Freckles, it did pretty good for it's first week. We thank you SO much for all the support. These printable products just make sense in our horrible economy, they are cheap and lovely. We are slowly adding tags in the shop, keep the eyes peeled or bookmark our site.
Have a great weekend friends!


Zarah said...

Super duper cute cards - and those tags are lovely!

Alecia Castro said...

Love your cards AND those tags!! Must have those!!

sandra said...

me wants! ill be shopping very soon.