Sunday, March 1, 2009

Green Week- Green Embellishments

Hello & Happy March!
Can you believe this year is flying by? I thought I would start a week of "green" crafts to start off March. :)
First off today, green embellishments.

I love making my own embellishments. They are easy and fun. Start off by saving anything that inspires you. I save paper bags (when I use them), old maps, correlated cardboard, graph paper, dictionary sheets, vintage music note sheets, sewing patterns. Anything goes + you're doing your part by recycling scraps . lol I love using Hambly overlays & felt too! I have several punches and I simply cut circles, scalloped circles and flower shapes from said paper scraps. Then I layer them using pop up dots. I also like to stitch buttons with embroidery floss, and ink the edges to add an extra vintage touch. You can add bling, brads, fabric, or flowers. Just have fun!A while back I bought some beautiful green embellishments from etsy: I love homemade buttons and crocheted flowers. :) Simply Adorable! Now, it's time for you to create your own. :) If you are not in the mood to create your own, check out etsy.

Oh, something else I would love to share. Albert and I had been working on a big project, time to reveal. We've decided to add another shop-an all printable shop. The best part about this idea is that you can print as many as you need! I love that you can personalize your own stationery too! They make the best gifts!

Albert created the entire website himself *sigh*. Hope you like it. I now introduce to you:

BLUEBERRY FRECKLES~ Printable Paper Goods

We have been adding more products daily and hope to have a big selection by the end of this month. It's a work in progress *sigh. We will have a scrapbooking tags section real soon!

There is a giveaway going on over at the Blueberry Freckles blog. Feel free to check it out.




Lisa said...

oh you're so crafty, lova. how do you find the time to do it all? geez. looooove the new shop. congrats on another fabulous idea!

Vanessa said...

i love love love the embellishments...very cute & crafty! : )

Beth Perry said...

Hey girlie! HOw is everything? I love, love those embellishments you made...they look store bought..hell! They look better than alot of the store bought I have seen.
I really like the Blueberry Freckles site. Only thing is that when you are at the home page of Blueberry Freckles, you can hit a link to go to the blog. Maybe I am blind, or that you want it that way. lol
I hope you had a great weekend. I had a four day one, but relaxed due to the wisdom teeth extraction. :(
I am going to check out B.F. blog now and sign up for a giveaway! ;P

Amanda Ann said...

Your flowers are so cute!!
I can't wait to go check out Blueberry Freckles! How exciting!!

Angela W said...

I love your crafts! I went to your new blog and signed up as a follower, but it wouldn't let me leave a comment for the giveaway.

Jennifer said...

What punches do you use? I am a total punch novice. I really want to do scalloped circles, any suggestions?

Sharmaine said...

You guys are totally amazing!!!!
Love the flowers
LOVE the new shop, all the VERY best :)

Alecia Castro said...

Super cute stuff, loving the ideas here!! Makes me want to pull out my circle punches!!

Emily said...

I love the green embellishments! Especially the knitted buttons! Too pretty! -e

3busybs said...

just checked out 'blueberry freckles" it!

Brenda said...

These are great!!! I love how you used up so many different materials and items to make these. Fabulous!