Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green Week- Magnets

Here is a great way to make your own magnets. I saved a couple of lids from cans and some bottle caps. I have a Pampered Chef can opener (this eliminates all sharp edges on the can lids). I simply alter the front and place some magnet strips (found at local crafts stores) on the back. That easy! Coat with some Mod Podge and you are set. :) I also added magnets to the back of those altered paper flowers from Monday.
I will be back tomorrow with one last project and a giveaway! Thanks for stopping by!


Amanda Ann said...

Very cool!! I need to get one of those can openers! :)

Zarah said...

Adorable! :D

Beth Perry said...

Girl, you are doing so awesome with this green week! I love the layout below..it is so beautiful and the magnets are killer! Awesome job!
Have a great day, sweetie! ;P