Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because we can't sit still.

Albert had a 4 day weekend. YAY! I love long weekends. We had a fabulous Easter. How was yours? I attended church with my family Saturday night. We dyed eggs on Saturday morning and on Sunday we joined my family for a wonderful BBQ and egg hunt plus more dying of the eggs. :) Ethan loved hunting for eggs.
I had several unfinished tags on my computer. I thought I would finish them up before next month. I have more just hanging out on my computer. There is just not enough time during the day! I don't think I'll be making any more this month or in May. We must give Blueberry Freckles some attention. Plus, we have a craft show in early May. So much to do! Just as soon as I finish up the final touches on the ones in my computer, I will share them with you! :) Here are some of my favs:
Every Holiday Journaling Tags
Chic Labels

Journal This-Journaling Tags
I will be listing all sets in the shop real soon. As for now, I have 7 in our etsy shop. Thanks for stopping by!!