Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Sorry, I have nothing crafty to share. I apologize for my absence. We are on a mad hunt for our first home. Such an exciting & frustrating time. sweet baby turned 4 today!!! Oh, many emotions come with this birthday. Ethan starts preschool in Aug. WAAA! He is no longer a baby, but a spunky, wild boy. :(

Ethan is a bit obsessed with Wall*e at the moment. So, crafty Albert made him this Wall*e pinata.

Ethan was in love....
Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Ethan.My youngest is in love with Wall-E too.I loved the movie, very clever.Like your Pinata Albert.A very crafty family you have Veronica.

Cynthia B. said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ethan!
And WOW - I'm so impressed by the that IS crafty! Glad E enjoyed it.

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!
All the best in the house hunting!
Hugs, have been thinking of you guys :)

Beth Perry said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan!!
I hope you are doing well, Veronica!!
And I love Mara May's gallery below. She is wickedly talented! :D

Zarah said...


Amanda Ann said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!
My little girl was looking at the pictures and she loves Wall*E! Now she thinks Ethan is SO cool. LOL

Eeffie said...

Congrats! My oldest just turned 4 too! The Wall-E is just amazing! WoW!

Noel said...

Happy Birthday! Adorable photos!

Courtney - Web Writing said...

Happy Birthday E! We can't wait to see you and your present is waiting. :) Something about 4 seems so old, doesn't it? Sniff. :(

Nathalie said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!!! Love the pinata! And congrats to you Veronica re. Noel Mignon ;)

sandra said...

wait, he MADE the piƱata? how awesome is he?! LOVE it! can he make me one for my 25th bday?! lol

happy belated to your little one :)

yay for house hunting-very exciting indeed. good luck with that, love.

Lilly said...

Happy B-day Ethan!!! Yay!
He is so cute ^^
And what a beautiful cake!