Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Guest Designer- Zarah S Peterson

Hello & sorry for the delay. So much has happened and none of which is important to write about. :)
This month we have a fantastic scrapper all the way from Sweden!
Please welcome sweet & wonderful:

*I am currently obsessed with Lenka's cd with the same name. It makes me happy and constantly plays on my Spotify. :)
* Some day, DH and I dream of selling most everything we own and get a big house boat instead. We're just gonna travel around the world and experience it bit by bit. (We'll bring our trusty tandem bike...!) Wanna come for a coffee at the deck?! :D
* Just recently, I celebrated five years as a non-smoker. I owe it all to Allen Carr and his amazing book "Easy Way to Stop Smoking".
* I'm a nerd. Bigtime. And I'm proud of it.
* A month ago, gave up all sorts of sweets and I don't miss them one bit. On the contrary: I feel better than ever. Now I just need to get some kind of exercise routine too...!! ;)

At night. I can never turn my head off at nights (something that annoys DH quite a bit sometimes... He puts his head on the pillow and starts to doze off, just to hear me chattering on a bout tons of stuff like... What to plant where in the garden, if he thinks that pink will fit the LO I showed him before or if we can go to IKEA the following day, because I just had THE best idea - that I never remember the following morning...) For some reason there's nothing that sparks my imagination and creativity more than going to bed. Must be the rush of blood to the head...! ;)

I don't think I can single one out! I had a very happy childhood with the best parents in the world! However, one that stands out was the time I finally talked my parents into letting me get a budgerigar, and we went to pick one out. I fell in love with the only male one... He was yellow and green and very cute! Sort of puffy - his feathers were always standing up, very merrily! I remember the car ride home with the tiny box in my lap, and the feeling of warmth, happiness and proudness. I named him Nickie and he was just adorable. I loved him dearly, and he turned into the funniest, most loving pet ever. I still miss him.

Well - I've always embellished my photoalbums with memorabilia and fun notes... However, I never knew it was a hobby and an artform until I found some fun papers online and had to Google the term "scrapbooking"... This was in late December 2006 and I was instantly thrilled! I thought it'd be a perfect way for me to express my creativity through the artforms I love most: photography, writing and turning things into art. It was. I was hooked right away!
Distressing and inking!! I'm deeply, madly, truly in love with shabbifying stuff. (And yes, I'm aware that it's not a word.) However, I also enjoy challenging myself to NOT ink & distress everything, all the time. I succeed... every now and then. But I'm usually more happy with the things I make in my "usual style". For a show: Bones. Gotta love them all!!
For a song: Meghan's Song by Matthew Perryman Jones. If you haven't heard of him - you need to. He's brilliant!!
Reading! I'm such a book worm!! :D

Zarah is such a wonderful scrapper, I absolutely love her layering and "shabby chic" feel she brings to each project. I am so glad she shared her talents with us! THANK you Zarah you are such an inspiration!

For more info and inspo from Zarah please visit her blog.

Now, on to her creations:

Tags used: custom order- Swedish Ticket & Funky Fresh.

Tags used: Funky Fresh, Capture the moments, Take Note & Everyday Artisan Phrases.

Tags used: Elegant Journaling tags, Capture the Moments, Swedish Tickets, Funky Fresh & BBF Note circles.

Tags used: Journaling Tags, Journal This, Fruit Stand & Speech Bubbles.

Tags used: Love Trees, Rainbow Sherbet, Journal This, Swedish Tickets & Journaling Tags.
Tags used: Jot it down, Swedish Tickets, Capture the Moments, Funky Fresh & Alphabets from BBF.
Albert and I would like to thank you Zarah for all your hard work & patience!
xoxo, Veronica


emmy said...

Beautiful work Zarah!
Now i would like to come and live in your scraproom! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze? :)

Hattifnatt said...

Zarah, you ROCK!!

Nita said...

Totally agree with Emmy, wow Beautiful work!
You are amazing

umama said...

I love seeing international scraps! Especially when the materials are in their native language. Last summer while travelling in Spain, I was hoping to find a lot of Spanish scrapbooking items... but only found loads of English supplies... So disappointing!

Beth Perry said...

Awesome Zarah!! I love all your layouts!! I especially love that kitty photo!
Great pick, Veronica!! :D

(ps. my verification word below is 'slycake'. hahah that is funny!)

Zarah said...

Thank YOU so much for the vote of confidence! I have had such a WONDERFUL time playing with the awesome products you sent me - and I am so happy and thanful for the opportunity! You ROCK! ♥

...also - big THANKS to everyone who's congratulated me here & said such sweet things. It really makes me happy!!

Alex said...

You rock girl! And please, keep on rocking! :-D

Love your work!

Nathalie said...

Wow!!! Those are some awesome looking pages!!!! It was fun getting to know you Zarah! Love your work!

Malin said...

You are, undoubtedly, the best. And I am so proud to be the one who is in possession of one of the displayed LO's! <3

nichole said...

Zarah-your work is fantastic!! Congrats on the July Guest Design! :)

Mireille said...

gorgeous gorgeous pages Zarah! Thanks for the eyecandy!

Zarah said...

Thank you sooo much, ladies!