Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To the best graphic designer I know! It's Albert's 32nd birthday today!!
Here are some random thoughts about you:
1. You are the best dad I know. You have a tremendous amount of patience.
2. You are super intelligent and crafty! It blows my mind just how quickly you learn too. I am in awe of your knowledge. What takes me minutes to create, you make in mere seconds. ugh!
3. You love me unconditionally and well, okay, I will admit, I am very difficult at times. A bit bossy, okay maybe a bit stubborn too. Oh, the list goes on....HA!
4. Whenever I am stressed or concentrating on a project, you decide it's the perfect time to crunch on some ice, cereal, crackers, chips (insert loud food here). ;)
5. You have yet to learn how to place those socks in the hamper. grrr. I love you anyway.
6. You are a bit enthralled with UFC, not so much!
7. You can fix just about anything in this house. It's pretty cool and sometimes super annoying because's the perfect excuse for me to go shopping. ;)
8. You inspire me to lose weight. You've lost 15 pounds in 3 months and have managed to keep them off. Ugh! In my defense men lose weight much faster and have more muscle.
9. You're a video game nerd. I once had a higher score on Wii fit Ski jump and you made it your LIFE-LONG mission to beat my score. bleh!
10. You and I seem to be on the same page with most major decisions and when we are not, you always see my side. God, I love that about you! heheh ;)

Have a happy Monday everyone!


Zarah said...

Happy birthday! :D

Nathalie said...

Happy Birthday Albert! :)

Bekka said...

Happy birthday to Albert!

Cynthia B. said...

aw! Happy Birthday, Albert!
(#7 and #9 make me laugh - #7 is so ME and #9 is so like my DH! :)

Callista said...

Happy Birthday!
Such a sweet list!

Lulu said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALBERT! My hubby misses your strong hands. You know, from when you guys used to be in high school and in the locker room. When he needed help dressing ...
Er, never mind ;)
(Kidding. You know Veronica and I like to mess w/ your memories of HS together!)