Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday- TGIF

This week was a looong week. So glad it's coming to an end. :)
We still haven't found a house. We were SO close and things didn't pan out. We have left it in God's hands, because I sure can't handle this whole process! It has been such an emotional roller coaster. We are back to square one. Fun!
Here is one of my all time favorite photos. Albert took us hiking during the spring. Here is my sweet boy hiking. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



Melissa said...

Hi Veronica, fingers crossed you find exactly what house you are looking for real soon.HUGS.. how cute is that photo.Can't wait to see it scrapped.Take care

Nathalie said...

As a renter forever, I can't even imagine what it would be like to go through what you are going through with the house search! Best of luck to you in finding your dream home, that last one was probably not meant to be... I'll just finish my rambling by saying that I LOVE your photo!!! I have always loved photos from the back and yours is no exception!!!

meganklauer said...

What an amazing photograph!
Best of luck with the house hunting!

Sarah said...

Sorry the house didn't work out. I guess that means there's one that's much better for you out there!

Beth Perry said...

Well, I know you have probably heard this A MILLION times...but, everything happens for a reason. You will find something when it's the right time.
I absolutely LOVE that picture! Too cute!! and I bet you are going to srap that! lol

Christina Padilla said...

good attitude V! In God's hands, he has a plan. Everything will work out,keep positive!

Such a great photo, love it!