Thursday, July 30, 2009

Santa Clause is coming to town....

I have been so busy in the "studio" aka office. :) I've created tons of new holiday designs. Yes, that would be me. No help from Albert....maybe he helped me once. I am totally *true to my California roots* STOKED!

We have had a WONDERFUL response to our new fall tags. OMG! It's beyond good! We thank you! SO glad we launched earlier than expected. This will give you the head start on your fall projects. Although we are in July, Christmas is coming VERY soon. So many of you start so early on your projects. I don't blame you, with this heat...I wish it was winter. Little vintage Santa is coming to town soon. I was up til 3 a.m finishing some last touches. They are unbelievable. *if I do say so myself*

On to other personal news: I'm enrolled and ready to start the semester at a local city college. I'm taking 3 online classes. I believe this small business has inspired me to change careers!? It's pretty awesome. I crave, dream and can't stop thinking about design. I'm taking a marketing class, graphic design (say it ain't so) and the other class is all about small business. Do you know where this is leading? I sure don't, but I do know that this adventure has been better than I have ever imagined!! We have you to thank. I never thought this would turn into a job. I'm so glad it did!!

I created one layout using our new tags. Like I said before, I am in loooove with those artisan tags. So I couldn't keep my hands off

Ethan has the craziest hair in this Too cute. Well, that's all I've been up to around here. Just been busy creating/designing and enjoying our summer. :)



Michelle said...

Can't wait to see the new tags!!!!

Callista said...

Love that Santa!

sandra said...

Don't remind me Christmas is coming, ah! Time is flying by.
Go you on taking classes :)

Beth Perry said...

I love the Christmas tag and your layout!

Stay Funny said...

So happy that they were a hit!
They were my favorite ones up to now! Can't wait to get my order!