Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Designers

This month we did something a little different. I have developed so many friendships from this blog/business, and I decided to ask 5 of our faithful readers to design with our tags this month. I love that this hobby has created such great friends. These ladies used the new LOVING LIFE EMBELLISHMENTS. They did such a wonderful job. Thanks Amanda, Beth, Eeffie, Sharmaine & Stephanie!
Randoms About Beth:

I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy
I wakeboard
I am very scared of spiders
I have two tattoos
When talking to myself (in my head) I use the word "we" instead of "I". Example thought: OH, we need to remember to get that.
~~I mean really, how many people are up there?

My name is Eeffie, 31 years old, happily married, mother of a 15 month old son and a 4 year old daughter. We live in the Netherlands.
1. I'm currently reading Twilight after a blogger friend posted about how great it was...I think I can fairly say I'm hooked now!
2. A couple of weeks ago I started art journaling after taking an online class and I love it.
3. Bugs freak me out BIG TIME(would never hurt them though...I´d rather run)!
4. My favorite icecream flavors are chocolate, hazelnut and coffee(or a combo of the three...).
5. Buying a Holga camera(the one that uses 120mm film and has a plastic lens) was like the best thing ever! I love the magical pics it takes!
5 Randoms about Stephanie:
1. my biggest fear is ghosts/staying somewhere haunted. spooky stuff really freaks me out!
2. my favourite colours are green and purple.
3. im a huge bookworm, preferably sci-fi, but can sometimes manage a 'normal' book too.
4. i love starting projects but am useless at finishing them. i have a half made dress in my wardrobe from 18 months ago.
5. i love instant cameras..well cameras full stop. im always on the look out for a vintage polaroid or something equally cool. even my friends ring me when they see one!

5 Random Things About Sharmaine:
My 4 girls seem to find more time to be arty crafty than I do, which makes me sadly happy!
I have always lived in a house that has pale or white painted walls and yet I really want to live in a house full of colour.
Tasmania might be one of the colder states of Australia but I love living here.
I like my coffee black with 2 sugars, thanks J
I wanted to write something about my husband, Hunky Dave, but couldn’t write anything that wasn’t mushy so have decided I won’t write anything at all…. Oh! Seems I just did!!

1. My VERY favorite food is broccoli.
2. I love pirates and have tons of pirate things in our living room.
3. Since we moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom townhouse last year my scrap space is limited. I have more scrapping supplies in storage than I do at home!
4. I would rather have a can of soda in the morning than a cup of coffee.
5. My favorite sport is hockey!

Thank you so much ladies!!!




Nathalie said...

Oh how fun! Great variety of designers AND styles! Congrats ladies! ;)

Beth Perry said...

Thank you, Nathalie!
It is ALWAYS so much fun to work with Veronica's tags!

~amy~ said...

fabbie projects...beth rocks :)

Zarah said...

What a GREAT diea - and wooooooow, those are FAB projects!

WTG girls!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Gorgeous creations!!
Yay to Guesty work :)
Thanks again Veronica :)

Eeffie said...

So cool to say what the other ladies made! I really loved working with the pretty tags!

Eeffie said...

Sorry...i meant SEE instead of SAY!

Eeffie said...

The link to my blog doesn't seem to can find me at!

I am... said...

love all the guests work!!
and i love how much your lil company is kicking ass!!
i can still remember the early days and those messages between you and i, about the drama :)
your awesome and im so proud of how far you have come!

Sasha said...

Awesome ...

sarah said...

BEAUTIFUL layouts! :) love them all! :)