Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Daily routine

Happy August!
Can't believe it's August. August is my favorite month, lol because my birthday is this month! ;)We have been busy with so many things at once, but I've received emails demanding daily post. haha! All in love of course! Since posting without pictures is boring (to me anyway).
Here is a picture of our daily routine. The boy loves cereal, yogurt and banana for breakfast. Actually, he can eat this stuff all day. He's also addicted to pancakes. Albert makes the BEST banana pancakes and he sneaks in flax seed too. They are delish!
Now that was boring! hahah sorry...I will make something next time!

We have been enjoying our summer, it's been a very low key summer this year. Spending more time with family and friends less time out doors. The heat & air is really bad! We have so many summer B-days in our family. My nephew turned 7 on the 1st... Fun times...Ethan enjoyed hitting that pinata. I just love how the kids quickly got in line for a chance to break it. Such candy addicts! hahah

Well, sorry for the boring post...but I must keep my friends happy.


Sarah said...

All the best people are born in August, doncha know?
(both my daughter's and my birthday are this week :) )

Sarah said...

P.S. How lovely, my prize arrived today (my birthday). Thank you, what a wonderful present :)