Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sneak Peeks-BOO!!

Well, Halloween is around the corner. Love it! Can't wait. We should be in our home by then too...yay! Here are some sneak peeks of tags coming to the shop on Monday. :)
I made these adorable (if I do say so myself) candy tubes. I added some Mini Halloween Tags (coming to the shop on Monday) to some clear tubes. I bought them here.
They were SUPER simple to make. Just my style...I will be giving these out to Ethan's classmates. YAY!!I absolutely love this years Halloween icons. My favorite is that witch's hat. :)
These vintage frames are simply gorgeous! I think Albert out did himself with these babies!
We have so many more tags in store...can't wait to share!
Hope you are having a great weekend! There is still time for the giveaway....and some Halloween tags will be in the package! ;)
xoxo, Veronica


laterg8r said...

these are fantastic - loving your blog and your style - now following you :D

Beth Perry said...

girl, those tags are awesome! I love Halloween so much! I think my fave are the witches it!
And no, those tags weren't yours that I used on that album..but, don't worry! lol They were sent to me in some happy mail and I thought I would use them on someone else's project. hahaha
And the vintage tag photo wouldn't come up! booo.. (its my computer)...I will try to come back later to check them out!

Beth Perry said...

O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw them! I want them.......NOW!!!!!!!!!

It looks like I will be getting your Halloween tags again this year! lol Gotta wait until this weekend, though. ...unless I get a couple of payments in through paypal. hehee

Callista said...

ohhh love the tags!!! Going to have to head over to the store!