Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Update!


Once again I have fallen off the blogging wagon. :) It's pretty sad when your own sister asks "Where have you been, you haven't blogged in forever?" lol
So, this one is for all my adoring fans. *smiles and waves* I had no idea that my brother-in-law checks in on us from time to time too. Hello Vince!
Nothing new here, except the throb from my stretching hips. I had not experienced this with Ethan, but boy, this baby is killing my hips! It has killed every ounce of creativity too. Please tell me this is normal? Anyone??

The second trimester has brought on some motivation. I bought these cute papers from Michael's the other day! Oh my, I'm starting on my fall album. I absolutely LOVE fall. We are once again planning a pumpkin patch trip with good friends! My sister is having a Halloween party (costumes are mandatory!!) Um...yeah baby!! Have no clue what we will wear. Ethan wants to be Wall-e. We should finally have good weather around here! YAY!

Lately, one of my fall favorites is a cup of hot coffee from Panera. If you have one near you...go. Their coffee and pastries are to die for. (Yes, I drink coffee sometimes). I had zero caffine with Ethan and well, we all know how that turned out. lolMy baby is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his "brother" he swears it's a boy. He is still the most silliest 4 year old ever! (Exhibit A: creepy-silly-I hate-that camera-eyes). lol
Like I said before, this baby is a growing and stretching the hips like never before. Lovely. As if my hips were not wide enough! Bleh!
Sure it looks like a crazy little blob, but isn't "she" adorable. :) Okay, so Albert wants a girl and he never refers to the baby as him....thought I would join in.
We took Ethan to the museum and BOY was it fun! Next month they have a Dr Seuss display. I can't wait! One last thing to share, a layout. I told you, this baby sucked my energy DRY. It took me days to come up with this layout. I still don't like the way it turned out. Oh, well. Just some pics of my baby "santa" last year.
We have a baby shower and a birthday party this weekend. Busy, busy...
Hope you have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

HI Veronica....hope that Mojo doesn't stay away from you for too long.I actually love the SANTA LO.Great papers.
What are the brand of the papers you bought from Michaels???love the woodsy one especially.
Have a fab weekend, and take care.Melissa

laterg8r said...

i just wanted to lie down my whole pregnancy - it's sooo normal for the mojo to go, you are growing a person LOL :D

Lulu said...

We will be having "she" thoughts until you let us know the gender ;)

Talia said...

I know what it's like to do a layout and not be 100% happy with it... I just did one of those tonight!

Hope you get into the Jou-jou again, and can keep scrapping the BEAUTIFUL pages you do!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

If you love Panera then you have to try their pumpkin muffies. Not the muffins, the "muffies". I'm totally addicted to them!!

Jenny Tan said...

Hi Veronica, Haven't drop in for a while, so I'm kinda back dated! :P Congraz on your pregnancy!! :) I too, didn't have any caffeine with my first pregnancy...couldn't even stand walking pass Starbucks! 2nd one, my addiction for coffee couldn't stop me from having one - so I opt for "decaf"! :P
Have fun during your pregnancy! ~ It's the only time you're allowed to eat whatever u want, whenever u want! ;P LOL.

mandyb said...

just wanted to say thank you for the goodies i won through scralett lime's them in the post and they are fabbo...cant wait for chirstmas too...yippee you made my year , love your stuff -XXMandyb