Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Project #2- Paper Garlands

I love decorating our house with garland. This year I decided to make 2 paper garlands using my scraps. I know you scrappers have tons! Just bust them out. :)
Supplies Needed:
1.75" circle punch or a 1.25" circle punch. (I bought both punches from Michaels with a 40% coupon).
Christmas scraps of paper (I also used some Christmas Icons).
thread & sewing machine
For the first garland I used 1.75" circles and sewed along the middle with red thread (very festive). I think this is the easiest garland ever!! Very simple! You can make it as long or as short as you like. You can also hand cut felt or fabric circles.

The second garland takes more time. I punched 6 circles for each ball. I also alternated sizes.
Fold your circles in half, like little tacos. Can you tell I'm a hungry pregnant woman? lol If you are using double sided paper, you want the "favorite" side on the inside. Glue each circle half to the next, when you have 3 glued, squeeze in the ribbon. Continue this pattern until you have your desired length. If I make no sense, ;) which is often...please watch the video:

Christmas Garland from veronica milan on Vimeo.
Yay! We repurposed our scraps!
See you tomorrow with a free download and another crafty gift idea. :)
xoxo Veronica


Anne. said...

This is such an awesome idea! I'm loving these Christmas projects, by the way. You're awesome possum for sharing! :]

Beth Perry said...


Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e said...

Love the different takes on regular paper garlands. Thanks for sharing!

Callista said...

love this! Wish my sewing machine would sew for me!

Alyssa Johns said...

I love that first paper garland, so simple, but sweet!


Laura Pinto-Nguyen said...

Love this garland idea!!!

marianne said...

i really love it, mine is here :