Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Project #8 Advent Calendar

This is nothing new, in fact the first time I saw this was last year on Martha Stewart's website. She made one using primary colors. Then later I saw it on AE's blog.
So, this year I was determined to make one of my own. I started off collecting tons of little boxes. I found that JoAnn's or any craft store has really cheap boxes in the baking isle. These are made for small truffles or pastries. They are perfect, because they are cheap. lol I also found some at the dollar tree-again, cheap is KEY in my book. ;)
Then I bought 2 different paints a "leaf green" and a "cherry red" & I left some boxes white too. These matched perfect with all our advent numbers. I used some from each set: Advent circles, Advent squares & Vintage advent numbers.

On some boxes I glued a ribbon to the side for some added color. Then I tacked them to the wall.
I bought 7 small toys (a wind up toy horse, colored pencils, card game-Go fish, a small car, and a Thomas the train, stickers & stamps). Ethan is eager to find out what's in each box. Some days will have a fun activity or family outing too. Here is a list I have compiled for us:

attend Horton Hears a Holiday at the Met museum (Dec 3-free)
watch the Clovis Christmas parade (Dec 5)
bake gingerbread men & decoratewrap a toy and donate to a charity
walk to Starbucks for hot cocoa
watch a Christmas movie together-Polar Express (add yummy snacks).
walk Christmas tree lane-Dec 15 (light watching)
buy our tree at Cobb's Ranch
set up/decorate tree

make a handmade ornament for the tree
write a letter to Santa
make our gingerbread house
make a Christmas craft together
buy a Christmas book at Barnes&Noble
make gingerbread play dough together
Go to Hillcrest Farms for a train ride

I have another Advent project coming tomorrow for the older kids. My sister gave me the idea, I just switched it up a bit. :)


Debby said...

I really like this. Thank you for sharing.

Michelle*G said...

The calendar is beautiful! Love the different mix of boxes. Thanks for sharing your list too...great inspiration!

Beth Perry said...

so cute!

laterg8r said...

gorgeous, love the idea :D

sandra said...

Love this!