Friday, November 13, 2009

Have Yourself A Very Vintage Christmas Workshop!

I decided to start on my Christmas presents a bit early. Although I will be buying some gifts, most will be handmade. Lots of baking and lots of creating! While I was creating each gift, I decided to make it into a quick FREE workshop for you guys. Please come join me! I will be sharing 12 projects starting on November 16-December 4! I'm still working on my handmade Christmas cards. I've been slacking, last year I sent out a Costco picture card. Oh, and did I hear it from friends and family... I think they consider me their Martha Stewart. lol The shame in sending an ol' picture card! They all expected a handmade one. lol (By the way, there is no shame, my family is spoiled! Besides, I was busy!) :)

So, you can expect to find some quick & wonderful handmade gifts for teachers, friends, neighbors and children. I'll have some card, ornaments, baked good ideas and a Christmas Journal to help document your memories this holiday season! I am so excited to share all my projects.
Hope you can join the fun! There will be FREE downloads for recipe cards, a desktop calendar & of course GIVEAWAYS!!!
I'm working on the last couple of projects. So far I've created 9 of the 12 projects. whew!

I have officially left my creative funk in the dust! lol No worries family and friends, I'm back. ;) lol

xoxo, Veronica


Cynthia B. said...

Looking forward to your projects! Maybe they'll help ME out of my creative funk! ;)

Jessica said...

awesome looking forward to seeing your beautiful projects!

GretaB said...

Looks and sounds like a great time! I'll definitely be watching and look forward to being inspired. :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Fun! Can't wait!!