Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Project #11- Button Tree

I have failed you... I forgot to post today. So, being the lazy pregnant woman that I am. I will just show one of last year's Christmas projects.

I made one of those beautiful button trees. Looking back, I can see that I left some empty spaces...I will have to fix that once I decorate the house.
Is everyone enjoying December so far? I know we are! We enjoyed a nice walk in the cold air to Starbucks last night ans drank coffee and shared a polar bear cookie. mmmmm
Okay, I will stop in tomorrow with another project and Friday we will end our workshop. So sad.


Melissa said...

HI Veronica, I actually love the look of your button tree, and you have reminded me to give this a go.Thanks for that.I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas..your last as a threesome.Enjoy the season and all it brings you.

laterg8r said...

i totally love this and have tons of buttons :D

can you tell me what the star is made of??

Desiree said...

Its really cute! Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog. Also wanted you to know that I am having a giveaway! -dez