Saturday, January 16, 2010

Almost Back...

Where do I begin?

I hate to sound so whiny...but these couple of weeks have taken a toll on me.
We have so many "home" issues right now that I can barely stand it.
I've cried every single day...for the past 3 weeks.
This is not what I expected. The house is still not complete, but we managed to move into one room.
This is NOT fun, and I'm trying really hard to stay focused and positive.
I try real hard to imagine the outcome of our hard work.

Ethan is coping much better than I am, I still blame the hormones.
I decided a "positive" list would help me out a bit:

1. NO neighbors across the street (well unless you count these guys).
2. We are healthy and alive! My prayers are with Haiti right now. *sigh*
3. We have 7 new trees in the back yard! (4 cherry, 1 apricot and 1 nectarine). That makes me HAPPY!
4. There is progress EVERY day inside the house! (God is testing my patients, and trust me, I am failing BIG time!)
5. We have started designing again. Can't wait to share! :)

Happy Saturday!


Michelle*G said...

Renovating and fixing up a home is beyond draining! But there will be an end to it all. It just doesn't always happen when it should. I hope that things start to smooth out for you! Keep focusing on the good things. :)

Beth said...

hang in there sweetie! you will have the house up and running in no time! :D

Courtney - Web Writing said...

Good idea to focus on the positive! And those are some nice positives. If you need anything at all...please let me know! We are rooting for you guys. It will get better. It seems so overwhelming now but this summer it is going to be amazing to have all that room for E to run around in...and you'll be amazed by how much progress the house has made.

mommy2alex said...

It will so be worth it eventually!
Cannot wait to see the new designs!
Have a great week! :)

Kristie said...

I know how totally overwhelming it was when we tore out our kitchen and bathroom at the same time. I could stand in the kitchen and see up two floors to the inside of the roof. Thought we would never be finished, but we did get done and it is all beautiful. And like you said, ya got the hormones to deal with too. hang in there, it will get done and all will be well. Keep positive!