Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey lovelies!
Just wanted to share some goodness that's been going on here lately.

Buster was delighted to see me get happy mail.
I love how versatile the Valentine's tags are- they can be used on all kinds of layouts.
5 sweet lovely little things details

details here

Thanks for looking! Am totally loving stitching on paper. What are you all loving right now?


meganklauer said...

So very awesome Amy!!!

Dicki said...

Very cute pages!

Rachel said...

Wow! Adorable. :)
I love every one of those pages.

Nathalie said...

Super fun pages! Love their energy :) I am loving my sewing machine and have been sewing on every page lately!

JulieChats said...

SO COOL! Love the top one! I'm getting my sewing machine out & trying stitching as soon as I can dig it out of the closet!

Stop over & visit my scrapbook blog when you get a chance!


Kristie said...

I have never tried stitching on paper, I love the look though. What am I loving right now? I have been getting a lot of inspiration from others and have been really thinking outside the box and trying to challenge myself more. Maybe I should challenge myself to use some stitching on a layout!

The Hobby Barrel said...

Love all your pages! Really great ideas and so fun. Check out my site please and I would like any feedback.