Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring/Baby shower Inspo

My sister's are planning a baby shower for me this Sat. We are keeping it very small, since it is number 2 for us.
I was looking for some SPRING inspo online and boy did I find it! This cake just looks so good...those colors are beautiful! I think I'm going to try this real soon!
My sister is actually baking cupcakes for us and I am making cupcake toppers to match my theme.
I also found this on Emily Anderson's blog and took a crack at it!! I made the pom poms this morning. Mine are blue & yellow and I'm using white lanterns. IN LOVE!!! Can't wait to show you, pics from the baby shower.

I was so inspired with Christina's Valentine candy buffet, that I asked my sisters to provide one at my baby shower.
I'm working on a paper banner like this one:

Luckily, my sister has all the jars from her wedding. Yay me! Jars are expensive!

I just love the look of this fabric banner:

I think I'm going to make my own baby shower banner too. Something very simple though. If you have any ideas...please throw them this way!

Happy Monday!!

xoxo, Veronica


meganklauer said...

Oh it all looks so Yummy! Can't wait to see the shower pics!

Holly S said...

Love the idea of the banner oh and those pom poms-they would look spectacular!
Can't wait to see the decor! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you ladies will do. It's gonna be fantastic. :)
Hope you have a good time.

Amy said...

thanks so much for sharing...i just did a post on rainbow cakes and linked to you!

Julie said...

I've seen some of those photos before! I love the decorations! However, I'm done having babies! {not by choice!} Maybe I can do for upcoming baby girl's bday! Congrats!!

ellen s. said...

oh how fabulous! i love the lights and the colors are so vibrant

Leslie said...

Just made a pretty simple banner for my daughter. Paper triangles and coffee filter flowers which were super easy!
see it here...

BTW - the poms poms are adorable!

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They look so good! You have made some really cute looking ones.

Ashley said...

Everything looks so adorable! I live the colorful cake! it's gorgeous and the cupcake toppers look fabulous. Have fun at your shower and congrats on the new baby! Thanks for sharing!