Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Tuesday

I was totally inspired by Cathy's birthday list of things and since I rarely scrapbook, I decided a blog post would be nice....I have SO much on my mind... sure why not!?

I have gained 2 pounds with this pregnancy. Oh, I should be jumping with joy, except the doctor made sure to tell me that "chubby women shouldn't gain anything at all". Lovely.

Each night I remind Albert that in ______ many weeks I might possibly go into labor. Yes, the countdown is down to days-35 days. 35!!!

I'm scared of pain. Hence the constant reminder for Albert.

Albert reminds me that "women were made to have babies" in which I reply, "I wish men were made to push out golf balls from their boy parts, so they could FULLY understand my fear." lol

I don't have a name picked out for this child, and a part of me feels like I should give in and name him what Albert wants. I don't even want to type it!

I hate our new house.

I worry too much. So much that I can make myself sick. Literally.

Our new house is SO MUCH work. I know I should be grateful, but I like simplicity. I miss our apartment.

I sometimes wish I was using those degrees I worked so hard for!

I fear I'm not ready for another child. Will I have enough patience, love, strength...etc...

Last week I got food poisoning and let me tell you...it was 3 days of hell!

I almost ate the entire pan of rice crispy treats last night. I added green food dye and told Albert all green food is good for you! Right? RIGHT! :)

I'm a reality TV junkie, and I can't believe Jake chose Vienna over Tenley BUT that is all I have to say about that.

I often forget to spell check, it's SO annoying.

I'm completely LOST on ABC's LOST. I want answers people!

I think I'm the only one out there who doesn't care to see Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp's eyes are creepy.

I have over 1000 blogs bookmarked, it's a sickness, I know.

Farmville on Facebook annoys me. TO. NO. END. Or maybe, it's the constant updates from friends. I could care less about your pretend farm! No really, make it stop, but don't defriend me. :)

Someday, I will learn to take better pictures. Someday!

Someday, I will convince Albert that a better SLR camera is in order.

I can't post without a picture, so here is what our pantry door will SOON look like:
I used to freak out about losing followers on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, totally lame, I know! I'd wonder, did I say something to offend someone? Did I not post enough? Am I boring? lol I'm glad that 6th grade mentality is over.

I should be working and yet here I am wasting time. :)

Well, I better get to work. Enough time wasted.
xoxo, Veronica


Kristie said...

OMGoodness! You are stressing aren't you? First of all, tell your doctor to go suck eggs. I'm sorry, but gaining wt is just something that goes with pregnancy and if you aren't eating proper foods that is bad too. I was thrilled when I only gained about 20 lb with each of my kids and the doc was pretty happy with that. Pregnancy is not a means to lose weight, some one needs to tell the doctor that! Hate to think what he says to the moms who gain 50 or 60 lbs! YIKES!!
Hang in there, you'll be okay. You will find you have more love than you ever thought you had. You will be great!

Tammy said...

Your "thoughts" made me chuckle. After reading the last one I decided to become a "follower" - just in case ;)

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

LOVE posts like this. Okay, let's see.

TWO pounds!!?? Holy crap! That's awesome.

I don't like Vienna either. But now that it's over, I'm glad her picked her, b/c Tenley deserves better.

If you hover to the right side of a friend that has posted an update, you can HIDE Farmville! And fish bowl crap. And restaurants, and any other stupid app that you want!! Changed.my.life

I always worry about what people think, hate it when I lose followers, wonder what I did/said/didn't say, as well.

Courtney - Web Writing Info.com said...

Tell your doctor to F off. I don't care about Alice and Wonderland either.

You need a name that you love! Here are some inspo sites:


Get thee searching before he pops out and you have to name him it!

Sara said...

and breathe Veronica! Okay, I can help with Farmville on Facebook! Run your curser over the post and in the right hand corner HIDE will come up, click it and it will ask if you permantely want to hide Farmville updates - I have got rid of LOADS of rubbish on my update page! x

sandra said...

When I was little I never wanted to have babies, I'm starting to think maybe I might want to someday but the scrariest thing is pushing that thing out. WTF? Just doesn't seem logical. That really isn't comforting is it? ;) I LOL at the golf balls. Take that, boys!
I'm really curious about the name now. It isn't something like Juana or Panfila, is it? *gasp* My brother wants to name his kid Panfilo Obafemi Ayanbadejo. Yes, like the football player. Ay Dios, the horror!
Food coloring! Why didn't I think of that?! You're a genius, my dear!
Oh, Facebook. If you only knew.
It just hit me this should've been an email, not a comment.

Happy Friday!

emily said...

such honest thoughts...thanks for sharing!

thanks for leaving some love for my kiddo too!
have a great night :)

Monique said...

I'm always reading your post but never comment on them, but this time I had to laugh sooo hard I just have to thank you for making my day!! I have three kids and remember like it was yesterday how it felt to be about 8 months pregnant!! Like Sara said just keep breathing and everything will be allright (soon!).

Melanie said...

Girl!! It's the hormones!! When I was pregnant with my son I hardly slept because I couldn't shut off the thoughts!!! Your doctor needs to go back to school and learn some bedside manners...I HATE doctors that are insensitive and have verbal diarreah !! As for Alice In Wonderland...nah, I'll pass on it too!! I'm sure it's wonderfully made and very artistic which would be interesting to critique...but I think I'd have nightmares...give me Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (SWOON) any day!!!!!