Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring = Allergies

Things are blooming like crazy around here! I thought I would be lucky to dodge allergies this season. hahah Last year I had no issues. This year, I am not feeling good at all. I have MAJOR sinus issues.

The baby shower was so much fun and everyone was in awe of the candy buffet! The pictures were awful because it was a cloudy, gloomy kinda day. I do have some to share with you:
I made candy tags for each jar. I made sure to buy ONLY blue, yellow, brown, yellow and orange candies. :) I also made napkin rings with the same animals.
My sister baked some delicious cupcakes. I'm talking YUM!!! I ate way too many. I made custom cupcake toppers for each one!

I hung some baby onesies on the mantel.
The candy buffet was so easy to make! I made custom stickers for clear baggies and everyone filled their baggies to the rim before they left!!Here is a view from the top of my belly! I feel huge. I feel tired. I want this baby out. :) April can't come fast enough!
My sister is having her boy tomorrow!!! We can't wait to meet him!
Have a good one!
xoxo, Veronica


meganklauer said...

Oh this looks so cute! I love the idea of hanging the clothes by the mantel! So cool!
I hear ya sister about the ready to be done thing! I'm tired of waddling around! March 27th can't come soon enough! :0)

Christina Padilla said...

It looks so great!! Adorable! I want to see more pictures!!! The candy buffet and cupcakes looks super yummo! I vote more pictures!

Bonjour Pierre said...

What a fun idea! This is so cute! I should tell my friend because she is planning a bachelorette party and the candy bar would be a great idea! I love chocolate covered pretzels.

Kristie said...

Love the hanging onsies, what a cute idea for decorations! I will need to file that away for the next baby shower! I also love the candy buffet idea, how yummy!!! And it looked great too. April isn't too far away so hang in there, not to far to go!

Isabelle said...

those huge jars are awesome!
you look beautiful, well your belly does! I wish i could be preggie again, i absolutely loved it and i miss is so much.
Love the hanging onesies over the fireplace, so clever!

sundaygirl24 said...

I'm so excited for you, I was as pregnant as you are now this time last year! wow!
Your in for the greatest ride of your life! Enjoy and good luck!