Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guess what?

After 10 WHOLE months...I finally scrapped a page. Yes, my wonderful friends...hopefully I can redeem myself. This is Noah's FIRST layout. YIKES. I need to crack a whip on myself and scrap some more pages. Noah will be wondering why Ethan has books and books filled with pages.
Seems like I've come back as a simplest and an adhesive rebel-I sewed everything on. :)
Albert also created something... Ethan's invitations! I LOVE them. We are having a BUZZ Lightyear party and it's going to be RAD! hahah Check out the cool wheel he created on each invite. Such a designing Genius!! BUT of course, I'm a wee bit biased!
I have tons of birthday planning to do...and Albert is making a BUZZ pinata. Better get busy! I will post pics soon. :)




Nathalie said...

Your page is adorable (love the sewing)!!!!! Glad you got some mojo back and hopefully there are many more pages to come after this one! Albert totally rocked those invites too!!!

bosenberries said...

beautiful layout and cool invites!!

Kathy Martin said...

Adorable page! :)